## About Implements the EVE ESI API to find: * the best margins inside your own station. * the best trades between stations. * the best trades between systems. * the best trades between regions. Select which of the station you are docked in. It will return a lazy-loaded table of trades you can make at other station. Allows table sorting on any of the fields to see what items are selling at your hub for a low price and can be sold at another hub for a higher price. ### V6 [LATEST] * Refined the build process to be more developer focused * Created a structure and pipeline for open-source development * Added the ability to select buy/sell orders at start or end station ### V5 * Station Trading now includes 14 and 30 day moving averages for volume. * Filter now applies to 14-day moving average rather than the last 24 hours to provide better results. * Region Trading security filter defaults to NULL Sec or better to accomodate queries with null-sec regions selected (otherwise no results are returned). * Checkbox added to Region Trading to include/exclude citadels in results * Number of results per page increased from 50 to 100 * Minor styling changes to make results appear better on smaller desktop/laptop screens. * Citadels now can appear as starting locations * Security Status color now appear in regional trades (and filtering) * Number of Jumps and Profit per Jump included for Regional Trades * Standalone windows application released to BETA. * Added public citadels to the region-to-region trading query * Added systems trading capability * Removed redundant code. * When refreshing the table, existing results remain until new ones are found. * Due to demand, trade hubs are temporarily added back in. This will eventually become the last 5-10 most recent trade selections. * Added table pagination back in for queries that result in over 50 trades so as not to break browsers. * Loading indicator in top right added to know that results are still being added while you scroll. * Highly anticipated beta version of the region-to-region feature is now live. ### V4 * Continuing progress towards Region-Region trading by allowing multiple starting locations. * Cutting down on spam items that provide unreasonable results. * Mobile responsiveness updates for the input dialogue * Tabbing now works between input dialogues and buttons * If an endpoint is just typed into the endpoints dialogue it is also considered for the trade (users do not need to click Add Station for just one station). * Users had trouble learning of the order investigation function, added a magnifying glass to each row to show all orders * Users complained about the interface to add custom stations so now these sections are all fill-in-the-blank * Completely removed custom section. Performance should drastically improve now that these sections are not being generated in HTML. * Complete back and front end refactoring to promote future feature viability and allow for region to region trading in the next update. * Revised frontend based on user feedback (moving away from white). * Improved performance and more results provided (ensuring every page of data is returned now). * Packaged volumes are now taken into consideration. * Minor performance gains due to refactoring 3-year old code. * Allow users to refresh the table with the last query they submitted. * Added user analytics when selecting different options to better track user perferences and prioritize bugs. * If an endpoint fails that many times that means its probably not up. * Improved number of results for station trading * Numbers were flipped for buy and sell orders * Probably the biggest request of the server has finally been added. You may now station trade and filter by the current daily volume. * Bug fixes for firefox where backspace would not work * Bug fixes for safari where you could not use margin * In light of EVE Crest being shutdown soon. The entire website is now ESI compliant. * Also reduced amount of network traffic required. * Fixed a bug where the best price was not actually returned. * Users were being confused with the sell/buy terminology so it now reads whether you are looking at the buy orders or the sell orders * Announce when EVE servers are not connecting properly * Able to export the tables to CSV, Excel, or PDF * Able to print or copy to clipboard as well * Due to popular demand and crowdsourced requests we have overhauled the theme and overall look of the website * We have added filtering to the table to enable users to filter on station, item, or any other text within the table * Correctly calculates the weight. It used to be per item rather than the total weight. Thanks to Nikolay for this report. * Cut down load times to seconds instead of minutes (instead of 7 minutes) * Currently only applies to Route trading (Station trading overhaul to come but its still pretty fast) * No longer show scams (filters by min volume required = 1) * Updating rows currently disabled * Restricted to 25 stations in custom route trading instead of 10. * Slightly updated UI ### V3 * Allow for decimals to be entered * Fixed bug where backspacing on input dialogues for specific browsers would not work. * Minimize time spent editing forms * Downside is that ship weights retrieved by the API are unpackaged weights * You may now select up to 10 destination stations for trade routes * Station trading was broken * Modified requests to abide by rate limit * Improved return performance. * Simplified request calls to enable future development of cross region trading * Progress Bar * Due to popular demand we have now implemented a 1-to-1 trading drop down for finding the best deals between two stations * Also added custom select station trading * These features is in BETA as the EVE CREST API does not currently support getting all these stations so we are working off of a fixed backend, please report any bugs you find ### V2 * Ability to filter profits to show only rows where ISK is greater than N on route trades * Ability to filter ROI to show only rows where ROI % is greater than M on route trades * Ability to filter Buy Cost to show only rows where Cost is less than O on route trades * Fixed a bug with station trading where it shows the wrong station information * Updated UI to appear a little more clean * Now by shift + clicking a header row you are able to sort on additional properties. * Added a Release Notes page * Easier to select intro button * Added description of each selector * Removed minified files as they are minified automatically on the server * Updated wording and about pages to be more concise * Added designed and developed by fields * Route changed to https://crest-tq.eveonline.com/market/{ID}/orders/sell/?type=https://crest-tq.eveonline.com**/INVENTORY**/types/{TYPE}/ * Addition of filtering of columns with preset columns to make tables a little more mobile responsive on small width screens. * Added functionality for margin trading within a station ### V1 * Allows user to view all active orders - buy and sell for a specific item on shift + click * Only ctrl + click selects all now * Updates algorithm to return better profit results * Lazy load the item IDs from EVE API and shuffles them * Added YUI Compressor and Scripts to automatically created and deposit minimized code to proper directories * Improved Trade info layout to use bootstrap columns * Removed unused log statements * Trade info sets to fixed decimals to improve sorting * Made error messages more hospitable and do not show up multiple times * Updated endpoint to not receive CORS as frequently * Minified CSS and Javascript to improve performance * Addition of multiple orders (up to top 3 for an item) * Buy/Sell quantity columns added with highlighted recommendation * Highlighting capabilities improved. Highlight one or multiple. * Right-click to update the item. * Updated UI to include start location, and end location(s) to reduce calls to hubs you are not intending to go * Updated UI to better fit on smaller screens * Stop button updates and provides feedback * Moved init.js to the top through an on document ready function * Added an unreachable notification if EVE servers are down * Moved to AJAX call structure rather than simple Jquery GET * Updated number returned to between 1-10 * Moved all minified JS to one file * Improved breakpoints for text and buttons on smaller screens * Updated color scheme * Moved CSS away from JS into CSS * Updated footer * Added stop functionality to stop loading if the user does not wish to continue * If same destination and start point occurs it throws an error * Unhighlights destination if start location is selected * Buy Cost was not being calculated properly * Update no longer returns just the top trade for all 3 slots * Update graphic now just changes opacity. Less intrusive. * Update now removes any lingering updates if not updated in 25 seconds. * Algorithm was not always returning the most profitable runs if runs > 3 * CTRL or SHIFT available to select all of an item type