## About Implements the EVE ESI API to find: * the best margins inside your own station. * the best trades between stations. * the best trades between systems. * the best trades between regions. Select which of the station you are docked in. It will return a lazy-loaded table of trades you can make at other station. Allows table sorting on any of the fields to see what items are selling at your hub for a low price and can be sold at another hub for a higher price. ### V6.52 * Fixed bug where download modal does not pop up for application downloads ### V6.51 * Fixed Bug where searches would not complete * Temporarily Removed Citadels checkbox as API is unavailable ### V6.5 * Improved and optimized resource fetching for quicker load times * Added feature to search nearby regions * Updated autocomplete feature to be more robust * Fixed bugs and error Contributor: [@psolyca](https://github.com/psolyca) ### V6.4 * Browser bookmark links now available for searches * Update Stations and Regions directly from EVE Online database * General Bugfixes and Syntax Updates * Code Homogenization and Santization Contributor: [@psolyca](https://github.com/psolyca) ### V6.3 * Fixed number of jumps count * Menu added to choose what to trade added instead of a restart button * Added net profit and tax calculation field * Minor bugfixes Contributors: [@psolyca](https://github.com/psolyca) and [@timegrinder](https://github.com/timegrinder) ### V6.2 * Adding additional external applications (Windows, OSX, and Linux) ### V6.1 * Fixed a bug where nothing but SELL ORDERS to BUY ORDERS would return the proper results. [Now that it works, we have to give this warning. Be sure to understand the nature of your query. If you request too much information by widening your filters, this may crash your browser.] ### V6 * Refined the build process to be more developer focused * Created a structure and pipeline for open-source development * Added the ability to select buy/sell orders at start or end station ### V5 * Station Trading now includes 14 and 30 day moving averages for volume. * Filter now applies to 14-day moving average rather than the last 24 hours to provide better results. * Region Trading security filter defaults to NULL Sec or better to accomodate queries with null-sec regions selected (otherwise no results are returned). * Checkbox added to Region Trading to include/exclude citadels in results * Number of results per page increased from 50 to 100 * Minor styling changes to make results appear better on smaller desktop/laptop screens. * Citadels now can appear as starting locations * Security Status color now appear in regional trades (and filtering) * Number of Jumps and Profit per Jump included for Regional Trades * Standalone windows application released to BETA. * Added public citadels to the region-to-region trading query * Added systems trading capability * Removed redundant code. * When refreshing the table, existing results remain until new ones are found. * Due to demand, trade hubs are temporarily added back in. This will eventually become the last 5-10 most recent trade selections. * Added table pagination back in for queries that result in over 50 trades so as not to break browsers. * Loading indicator in top right added to know that results are still being added while you scroll. * Highly anticipated beta version of the region-to-region feature is now live. ### V4 * Continuing progress towards Region-Region trading by allowing multiple starting locations. * Cutting down on spam items that provide unreasonable results. * Mobile responsiveness updates for the input dialogue * Tabbing now works between input dialogues and buttons * If an endpoint is just typed into the endpoints dialogue it is also considered for the trade (users do not need to click Add Station for just one station). * Users had trouble learning of the order investigation function, added a magnifying glass to each row to show all orders * Users complained about the interface to add custom stations so now these sections are all fill-in-the-blank * Completely removed custom section. Performance should drastically improve now that these sections are not being generated in HTML. * Complete back and front end refactoring to promote future feature viability and allow for region to region trading in the next update. * Revised frontend based on user feedback (moving away from white). * Improved performance and more results provided (ensuring every page of data is returned now). * Packaged volumes are now taken into consideration. * Minor performance gains due to refactoring 3-year old code. * Allow users to refresh the table with the last query they submitted. * Added user analytics when selecting different options to better track user perferences and prioritize bugs. * If an endpoint fails that many times that means its probably not up. * Improved number of results for station trading * Numbers were flipped for buy and sell orders * Probably the biggest request of the server has finally been added. You may now station trade and filter by the current daily volume. * Bug fixes for firefox where backspace would not work * Bug fixes for safari where you could not use margin * In light of EVE Crest being shutdown soon. The entire website is now ESI compliant. * Also reduced amount of network traffic required. * Fixed a bug where the best price was not actually returned. * Users were being confused with the sell/buy terminology so it now reads whether you are looking at the buy orders or the sell orders * Announce when EVE servers are not connecting properly * Able to export the tables to CSV, Excel, or PDF * Able to print or copy to clipboard as well * Due to popular demand and crowdsourced requests we have overhauled the theme and overall look of the website * We have added filtering to the table to enable users to filter on station, item, or any other text within the table * Correctly calculates the weight. It used to be per item rather than the total weight. Thanks to Nikolay for this report. * Cut down load times to seconds instead of minutes (instead of 7 minutes) * Currently only applies to Route trading (Station trading overhaul to come but its still pretty fast) * No longer show scams (filters by min volume required = 1) * Updating rows currently disabled * Restricted to 25 stations in custom route trading instead of 10. * Slightly updated UI ### V3 * Allow for decimals to be entered * Fixed bug where backspacing on input dialogues for specific browsers would not work. * Minimize time spent editing forms * Downside is that ship weights retrieved by the API are unpackaged weights * You may now select up to 10 destination stations for trade routes * Station trading was broken * Modified requests to abide by rate limit * Improved return performance. * Simplified request calls to enable future development of cross region trading * Progress Bar * Due to popular demand we have now implemented a 1-to-1 trading drop down for finding the best deals between two stations * Also added custom select station trading * These features is in BETA as the EVE CREST API does not currently support getting all these stations so we are working off of a fixed backend, please report any bugs you find ### V2 * Ability to filter profits to show only rows where ISK is greater than N on route trades * Ability to filter ROI to show only rows where ROI % is greater than M on route trades * Ability to filter Buy Cost to show only rows where Cost is less than O on route trades * Fixed a bug with station trading where it shows the wrong station information * Updated UI to appear a little more clean * Now by shift + clicking a header row you are able to sort on additional properties. * Added a Release Notes page * Easier to select intro button * Added description of each selector * Removed minified files as they are minified automatically on the server * Updated wording and about pages to be more concise * Added designed and developed by fields * Route changed to https://crest-tq.eveonline.com/market/{ID}/orders/sell/?type=https://crest-tq.eveonline.com**/INVENTORY**/types/{TYPE}/ * Addition of filtering of columns with preset columns to make tables a little more mobile responsive on small width screens. * Added functionality for margin trading within a station ### V1 * Allows user to view all active orders - buy and sell for a specific item on shift + click * Only ctrl + click selects all now * Updates algorithm to return better profit results * Lazy load the item IDs from EVE API and shuffles them * Added YUI Compressor and Scripts to automatically created and deposit minimized code to proper directories * Improved Trade info layout to use bootstrap columns * Removed unused log statements * Trade info sets to fixed decimals to improve sorting * Made error messages more hospitable and do not show up multiple times * Updated endpoint to not receive CORS as frequently * Minified CSS and Javascript to improve performance * Addition of multiple orders (up to top 3 for an item) * Buy/Sell quantity columns added with highlighted recommendation * Highlighting capabilities improved. Highlight one or multiple. * Right-click to update the item. * Updated UI to include start location, and end location(s) to reduce calls to hubs you are not intending to go * Updated UI to better fit on smaller screens * Stop button updates and provides feedback * Moved init.js to the top through an on document ready function * Added an unreachable notification if EVE servers are down * Moved to AJAX call structure rather than simple Jquery GET * Updated number returned to between 1-10 * Moved all minified JS to one file * Improved breakpoints for text and buttons on smaller screens * Updated color scheme * Moved CSS away from JS into CSS * Updated footer * Added stop functionality to stop loading if the user does not wish to continue * If same destination and start point occurs it throws an error * Unhighlights destination if start location is selected * Buy Cost was not being calculated properly * Update no longer returns just the top trade for all 3 slots * Update graphic now just changes opacity. Less intrusive. * Update now removes any lingering updates if not updated in 25 seconds. * Algorithm was not always returning the most profitable runs if runs > 3 * CTRL or SHIFT available to select all of an item type